FAQ – Candidates

Q How long is the internship for, for international candidates?

Internships for international candidates are usually for 12 months.

Can the internship term be extended to more than 12 months?

Internships can be extended if required, as long as an agreement is obtained from the host employer before the end of the term.

Q Do you offer PAID or UNPAID internships?


- Hospitality Internship Terms

Term Interns
3 months paid Onshore
6 months paid Onshore
12 months paid Onshore and Offshore


- Professional Internship Terms

Term Interns
3 months unpaid Onshore
3 months unpaid + 3 months paid Onshore
6 months paid Onshore
12 months paid Onshore and Offshore


Q How much do interns get paid?

We negotiate the minimum Australian wage rate with employers, currently this is a minimum of AU$17 per hour.

Q How are the interns paid?

The candidate will receive their pay directly from the employer.

Q How many hours per week are interns able to work?

The candidate can work full time in this program, which means up to 40 hours per week.

Q Do candidates have to pay Tax?

Yes, the rate is dependent on their annual pay as per the Australian Tax Rates.

Q How long is the visa process, after the employer selection?

The Visa process takes approximately 12 weeks (3 months) but it’s dependent on the Department of Immigration..

Q What are the candidate requirements?

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Currently enrolled or a recent graduate or working full time for a total of 12 months, in the relevant industry within the last 24 months
  • Internship position must be strictly in the relevant field of study
  • Upper intermediate to advanced English skills