Our Interns
Interns placed with our host organisations get valuable real-world experiences that cannot be taught in a classroom setting. We provide placement opportunities for both domestic and international candidates. With McKkr’s, internship candidates receive assistance with visa matters and support in identifying skill gaps if required. We can help interns write effective resume and enhance their interview skills.
Advantages of the Program
  • Gain valuable and practical workplace experience in your academic field
  • Obtain credit for your current studies
  • Develop workplace communication skills
  • Kick start career and increase your options
  • Gain recognition having worked in a reputable company
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Internship Host Employers
Employers get great benefits from employing or hosting students or recent graduates under an internship or work placement program. Apart from being a cost-effective resourcing option, businesses benefit from fresh, cutting edge ideas from highly skilled interns. It also provides professional development opportunities for existing staff in honing their leadership and management skills. Furthermore, offering internship opportunities helps in branding with a potential of being recognised as an ‘employer of choice’ amongst students and staff.
Why partner with us?
  • We work closely with host organisations to understand their resourcing needs and we are committed to supporting interns and employers throughout the duration of the program.
  • Employers have access to skilled candidates from multi-cultural backgrounds around the world, through our own visa sponsorship at no cost to employers.
  • Candidates' profiles are carefully assessed to ensure they possess relevant skills, experience and are a good fit for our host employers.
For more information
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Internship Program

McKkr's provides a great opportunity for recent graduates and professionals, from Australia and around the world, to learn on-the-job in their chosen academic field. We match interns’ qualifications and experience with the needs of our host organisations and ensure quality outcomes for both.

McKkr’s specialises in internship and training programs in a variety of industries and may assist in finding employers in Australia who can provide Occupational Training for candidates.

configuration28 How it works

  • An opportunity becomes available with a host employer
  • We match their requirements with our pool of eligible candidates
  • We shortlist candidates and conduct interviews
  • Host employers will conduct interviews and select their intern of choice
  • Placement is confirmed with the successful candidate
  • Candidate commences internship with the host employer

verification5 Industries we specialise in

  • Hospitality
  • Aged / Disability Care
  • Information Technology
  • Accounting / Finance
  • Engineering

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