CPD Testimonials

Comments from Sydney CPD RMAs –3 November 2018

"Information presented was very clear and useful to me as a MA. Interaction with other participants was also open, facilitated by the introductions section at the beginning of the day."
Gloria Milanovic
MARN: 1790554

"This CPD course gave me a good chance to refresh my knowledge on some visa subclasses."
Kei Keung Ho
MARN: 0213005

"The workshop CPD was very informative and was one of the best CPD of my practice. I would like to recommend to my fellow RMA to attend. Thank you."
Can Hong Zhao
MARN: 0964289

"This is my 3rd attendance in the McKkr's CPD this year. Everytime I found that this course is so valuable and updated of migration law. 407 visa information are exceptional and outstanding."
Yohann Yu
MARN: 0955704

"I enjoyed the supporting stories that gave a better perspective on the topics that were discussed."
Lazar Petkantchin
MARN: 1688444

"Overall it is very good Got a chance to exercise with the real cases, which are very helpful for every migration agent's daily work."
Dal Chhetri
MARn: 1688108

"Lots of knowledge from real experience."
Aliwassa Thanachaikan
MARN: 1678882

"Very informative and helpful. Discussion about different cases is very interesting. I appreciate that the valuable practical advice is provided in this CPD session."
Jingya Kou
MARN: 1572574

"Very informative session. I learnt a lot abut the 407 visa which I hadn't had experience with. The sharing of case studies was very useful. I would definitely consider attending another CPD conducted by McKKr's in future."
Vicky Wong

Comments from Sydney CPD RMAs –10 November 2018

"Very good interaction across the group. Presenter facilitated discussion and was flexible with things going "off topic" which was great."

Grant Colbron
MARN: 1276188

"This is my second CPD with McKkr's and it was great experience. Mr. Praveen Goyal is very experienced RMA and the best thing is that he gave real case examples to make CPD very interesting."
Harpreet Kaur
MARN: 1681507

"Very informative of all the case study"
Jennifer Liu
MARN: 0316914

"Overall great learning and achieved something new and freshen up previous learning. The concept of knowledge and discussion much appreciated and keep it up."
Riyaz Jindani
MARN: 0853181

"Was fun filled with a lot of participants interaction. Learned from new things and shared experience. Will be back again next year."
Ushass Panicker
MARN: 0324658

"Informative, all good, got doubts cleared and helpful."
Jamil Shah
MARN: 0324672

"Adequately thought, sufficient materials, updates and interesting, lots of cases presentations and discussions, very useful for practice purpose."
Bimal K Bhattarai
MARN: 9685736

"Fantastic CPD session - materials, discussions and insights that were provided were well worth the money spent on the course. Will definitely attend another McKkr's CPD session."
Carla Ciottti
MARN: 1678837

"Nice session. I enjoyed learning. Presenter has a vast knowledge and very helpful."
Payal Narula
MARN: 1568847

"Great content, exhausted but worth it. Loved the fact that it was happening on a Saturday and on intensive basis in Brisbane. The price is very competitive."
Jatinder Singh Daroch

"Very interactive workshop, lots of discussion and new information learnt overall a great CPD."
Mariana Trogrlic
MARN: 1789411

"Mr Praveen has a great understanding and knowledge of the migration law, he made us understand the law and very clear in what he wanted to impact this knowledge. I would come again and again t do the CPD hours through Mr Praveen."
Mihir Patel
MARN: 146653

Comments from Sydney CPD RMAs –5 October 2018

"I have enjoyed the activity. It was informative with lots of examples from the presenter's own experience. I have been looking for a workshop like this."
Dino Christodoulou
MARN: 215759166

"Good presentation with sufficient knowledge and real case studies."
Zhongqi Mo
MARN: 0530425

"Information provided was really useful and gained knowledge, specially in the areas of subclass 407. Presenter share his knowledge by providing real case scenario which I am highly impressed. Thank you."
Anoja Vithanage
MARN: 0961602

"A very good CPD which was useful and knowledgable."
Rahma Dawoud
MARN: 1464755

"Enjoyed the group discussion which is informative and useful."
Waylon Lai
MARN: 0962289

"The CPD was practical and interactive, which a lot of case studies/examples which helped to clarify various situations in migration profession."
Xiaokang Zhou
MARN: 0531451

"The CPD session was very useful, it enhanced my knowledge and skills regarding visas I have yet practical as RMA and I would love to come back and do another CPD."
Fardowsa Mohamed
MARN: 1576187

Comments from Sydney CPD RMAs –31 August 2018

"It was a good learning experience, especially regarding sc407 visa. I wish we could spend more time on sc187 however it would be too much to ask given the time we had. Cases were helpful, dicussion were two-way and helped me understand the cases and the situations better."
Nisha Sharma
MARN: 1687329

"I found the training material is very useful."
Ming Zhang
MARN: 1790441

"I really like the CPD because the teacher could show with us real cases. It was very interesting. I don't full waste of time."
Thais S. Dinallo
MARN: 1687470

"Quite a lot covered in one day. I learnt some very useful new concepts and strategies, explained using real-life scenarios. Will attend McKkr's again."
Pavittar Kaur
MARN: 1789788

"Great atmosphere which encourages agents to share and contribute."
Derrick Pham
MARN" 1280199

"I found Mr Goyal is very knowledgable and we have gone through lots of real cases which I found it very helpful and informative."
Anjana Singh Shretsha
MARN: 1679774

"I choose to study the CPD with McKkr's because of the expertise McKkr's have in 407 field. As McKkr's provide supports to migration agents for training plans. CPD in 407 visas and employer resources in 407. So I choose to study the CPD with McKkr's as I believe Mckkr's have the knowledge and practical experience in the visa applications."
Yi Zhou
MARN: 1794845

"It's very interesting and useful for a newly established agent like myself to learn from an experienced and well-regarded agent like the presenter. I learned so many new different aspects of different cases and it gave me confidence in dealing with future cases."
Andi A. Mitchener
MARN: 1789377

"With this CPD, I've got my knowledge of migration law better tested and improved. A great experience."
Mingxia Guo
MARN: 0956456

"Great CPD experience, especially on the sc407 visa options!"
Wei Wang
MARN: 0852751

"Praveen is the best. He is so experienced and trustworthy. He is passionate of training me. I'm 100% loving his 10 points CPD teaching. I will continue to contract him for other service."
Peter Chan
MARN: 0104349

Comments from Sydney CPD RMAs –17 August 2018

"Was an informative and interesting CPD day and I would return again."
Joanne Crespin
MARN: 0638928

"This is the first time I attend McKkr's course. I find it very interesting. The case study are good and we can learn a lot from that."
Shiu Man Simon Chan
MARN: 9284617

"The material was very comprehensive with many practical case discussion during the session."
Zhemin Shen
MARN: 1388250

"Was a very informative day"
Shane Crawford
MARN: 1574512

"Excellent CPD program."
Siew Geok Peh
MARN: 1464971

"A good CPD with a lot of case studies."
Rui Wang
MARN: 1790845

"A well equipped and experienced prsenter. Materials can be read in my own time but real cases can't be picked up anywhere."
Zaldy Bolneo
MARN: 0959499

Comments from Sydney CPD RMAs –3 August 2018

"I think the presenter, Praveen Goyal, is very knowledgable in the migration services field. I have learnt a lot from his workshops which have helped me in my practice. Thank you."
Rong Zhai
MARN: 1576656

"Enjoyed the rel life cases, interaction and solutions provided made me think and look beyond legislation. Not just legislation. Thanks Praveen!"
Karen Kotze
MARN: 1277169

"Good insights into skilled visa, partner visas and presenter told/gave insights into dealing with department. Good use of case studies."
Paul Nitschke
MARN: 1685949

"Loved the idea of using 407 visa."
Feng Chen
MARN: 1577771

"The open discussion allowed migration agents to ask as many questions as they wanted. We were able to share our experiences and knowledge and get great input and guidance from Praveen."
Martin Ross
MARN: 0104712

"Praveen was very knowledgable in 407."
Sheila Lim
MARN: 1575024

Comments from Sydney CPD RMAs –21 July 2018

"Very thorough discussion of case studies."
Sopea Sao
MARN: 1574029

"A very good session. Very informative."
Bikramjit Sidhu
MARN: 1280404

"Good case studies with answer sheets were very helpful."
Yvonne Linton
MARN: 1466332

"I am happy to recommend to more migration agents."
Alex Zhang
MARN: 1383875

Comments from Sydney CPD RMAs –6 July 2018

"The CPD was very informative, full of practical experience and real life scenarios. The good sense of humor of Mr. Praveen made the CPD day more enjoyable."
Harjit Kaur
MARN: 1577606

"Been practicing only for two years, learnt new things that I did not know as yet. Brought in clarity on the topics discussed."
Sanjay Gandhi
MARN: 1678471

"It was an interactive session, new hings learnt, clarity on delivered topics."
MARN: 1681141

"Very interactive and knowledgeable. Did a lot of case studies and experience shared by the presenter. Really nice to get first class experience from Mr. Praveen Goyal."
Himanshu Gupta
MARN: 1466806

"It was a well-organised, intense CPD day. The presenter has extensive knowledge in his area of expertise. Thank you for coming to Adelaide!"
Maggie Li
MARN: 1169782

"This is a very useful CPD training session. Mr Praveen Goyal has lots of experiences and strong knowledge in migration law."
Guohui Xu
MARN: 1682653

"I enjoyed the session, there was a lot of interaction, and being able to analyse case studies was a good way of learning."
Sandra Coates
MARN: 1173666

"Provider met all my expectations, good interactive training."
Richard E. Coates
MARN: 0746134

"Really great to be a part of the CPD Programs. I liked the case studies given to us as a task. I found them very interesting and knowledgeable."
Manjit S. Johal
MARN: 0851345

"Good day to learn some new knowledge. Nice to talk to other migration agents."
Chenliang Dong
MARN: 1577295

"This is my very first CPD training and I loved it. The presenter was really engaging and discussed a lot of case studies. This was really good as we were learning from it."
Ruwanthika Diunugalage
MARN: 1789579

"A good CPD day with points discussed that encouraged thought and real life situations, focusing on choices you need to make on a daily basis."
David Hilton
MARN: 0744285

"Great CPD, good useful discussions."
Matthew Reilly
MARN: 1572632

Comments from Sydney CPD RMAs –24 June 2018

"I am impressed by the following: brainstorming migration cases, a great platform to mix with other RMAs, love the discussions."
Ping Yang
MARN: 1681487

"Very informative, practical and outcome oriented. Lots of case studies, discussions and knowledge oriented approach."
Pankaj Dumra
MARN: 0959608

"I will recommend McKkr's to my colleagues."
Estelle McNally
MARN: 9903113

"Well presented CPD. Interaction was good."
Chetan Zabde
MARN: 0428055

"Praveen was very articulative and passionate imparting about his experience and knowledge of the different kinds of cases - this was certainly a big highlight of the CPD session for me. Highly recommend to attend if you are looking for more than just an a academic CPD session."
Amit Shreewastav

"Very interesting and informative presentation. Good materials used and very good interaction."
Brian Shanahan
MARN: 0212391

"Well organised, affordable and well delivered."
Michelle Gunaratne
MARN: 0985672

"Great presenter with real life examples."
Danny Mak
MARN: 0964532

"I enjoyed to listen your real case from your past experience."
Ying Ying Wong
MARN: 0958103

Comments from Sydney CPD RMAs –16 June 2018

“Praveen Goyal has a lot of knowledge and experience. Attending the McKkr’s CPD was time well spent. I will recommend my colleague to attend this CPD.” – Elizabeth Wang; MARN: 1795559

“Good CPD Workshop. I will be back again in 2019!” – Jzaguan Xu; MARN: 1792787

“The CPD Workshops keeps you interested! Well done!” – Tom Baena; MARN: 1572447

“The most important part of McKkr’s CPD was the interaction. Many cases were discussed rather than just going through sheets. That is what made this CPD the best experience.” - Vaibhav Patel; MARN” 1466279

“There was a huge number of real-scenario cases shared in the workshop. The trainer really encourages trainees to put their thoughts together and come up with practical solutions.” – Hongbo Shao; MARN: 157815

“This is the second time I have attended CPD with McKkr’s. I liked the case studies which were discussed. The lecturer is very good.” – Margaret Kim; MARN: 1280757

“Excellent! I enjoyed everything today!” – Michael Hep; MARN: 010779

“Being my first CPD, I thoroughly enjoyed the day. The presenter was very interactive with a lot of knowledge, discussing real life cases which I can utilise in my professional career as an agent.” – Anamilica Astridge; MARN: 1684913

“This was the first CPD I have attended. Praveen is a very engaging presenter, who keeps the programme easy to understand and has a variety of very good case studies. I would recommend McKkr’s to other migration agents.” – Chin Win; MARN: 1683418

Comments from Sydney CPD RMAs – 7 May 2018

“I think the CPD provided by McKkr’s are always very useful and practical. Mr Praveen provides a lot of case studies which are helpful in clarifying actual cases. Always appreciate your efforts Mr Praveen!” - Youn Ja Men; MARN: 0744583

“I will certainly attend the CPD again in the future.” -  Suk Fun Chan; MARN: 9685421

“The information on the 407 visa was very useful and opens a lot more potential for us to work with our clients.” – Xiatong Zewy

“This was the first time I attended a McKkr’s CPD Workshop. I enjoyed the presentation conducted by Praveen Goyal and enjoyed the real case studies and discussions.” – Rosita Wik; MARN: 9580769

“One of the best CPDs of my career.” - Xuefang Chen; MARN: 1464604

“A very practical training program with case analysis based training.” – Jun Zhang; MARN: 0429890

“Very practical material.” – Peng Wei; MARN: 1573973

“Interactive and interesting case studies.” – Rey Baraceros; MARN: 1171286

“Good CPD with great knowledge and practical knowledge. Looking forward to coming back!” –Munish Kumar Soni; MARN: 0901499

Comments from Brisbane CPD RMAs – 24 March 2018

“Great environment, very interactive.” - Nitin Rikhi; MARN: 1682242

“The interaction level was excellent. The course content covered basic, moderately complex and very complex areas of migration. The workshop structure is an excellent learning environment. I will be looking out for the next session to come to Brisbane.” – Simone Everett; MARN: 0801390

“Interacting with the attendants with high skill.” – Philip Yo; MARN: 0534689

“This was the first CPD I attended and it was a great experience. The case studies were easy to understand and very practical.” – Harpreet Kaur; MARN: 1681507

“This was the first CPD that I have attended. I enjoyed the interaction and the presenter’s knowledge and found the material and information useful.” – Kate Morone

“I have picked up knowledge and tools that I will help me in my work.” – John Chen; MARN: 0101286

“The class was interactive and those cases were interesting! I will be attending more of McKkr’s CPD workshops in the future.” – Ni Zhang; MARN: 1463630

“Excellent! Very practical case studies. I have learned a lot from this CPD workshop.” – Jennifer Lin

“Very efficient and professional” – Tinghui Xin; MARN: 0955108

“This CPD workshop was useful, with case studies of actual cases.” – Do Hyeong Kim; MARN: 0852542

“The best CPD experience! The presenter has great knowledge and skills which makes it more interesting.” – Payal Narula; MARN: 1568847

Comments from Melbourne CPD RMAs – 17 March 2018

“Good presenter. Good knowledge.” – Keith; MARN: 1173629

“It was a very good CPD. I gained more information & knowledge.” – M. Wimasleswaya; MARN: 9254004

“The best CPD. I will attend next CPD with McKkr’s. Great experience.” – Linda; MARN: 0638719

“The best CPD ever. Praveen has a wealth of information regarding Australian migration law. The case studies were very well designed to reflect real scenarios, which were very helpful.” – Li Qin Lin; MARN: 0531975

“The overall presentation was very good.” – Younnus Muhammad; MARN: 1679356

“Excellent workshop.” – Sandy Djaface; MARN: 1573377

“Interesting and informative. Thanks!’ – Jo Thill; MARN: 0636579

“This was my first CPD and I found it very informative. I would like to stay with McKkr’s for CPD Workshops in the future.” – Ekta Saini; MARN: 1682362

“This has been my fourth year attending Praveen’s workshop and he is still providing the essential information I need and – and more!” – Abigail Aguilar-Espedillion; MARN: 1460806

“It is rather different from other standard CPD Workshops, McKkr’s CPD is very practical. Praveen is obviously a very knowledgeable person.” – Maggie Lua; MARN: 0636485

“I have enjoyed and learned so many things such as how to apply for visa subclasses in complex circumstances. It was a great educational CPD program. It was the first CPD I have attended and I will come back next year. Thank you.” – Dipal Hardik Rao; MARN: 0636579

“It was a good location and very easy to find. The day was very informative with lots of case studies.” – Hunkan Zhang; MARN: 0849512

“Simply great!” – D. Cheng; MARN: 0636579

“The presenter was able to present cases in an exceptional manner, with in-depth knowledge. Very good and interactive.” – Hargobind Singh Jholl; MARN: 9252124

Comments from Melbourne CPD RMAs – 16 March 2018

“I attended McKkr’s CPD before. As expected the presenter did not disappoint.” – Michael Wong; MARN: 9360405

“It was great covering real-world cases.” – James Hislop; MARN: 1575702

“Great CPD sessions.” – M. Jambunathan; MARN: 0747893

“The interactive and exchange of information with fellow agents was very useful. Thank you!” – Bhavisha Mehta; MARN: 0747893

“I have always attended and enjoyed CPD’s provided by Praveen. Very knowledgeable and useful for migration agents.” – Vadim Safarian; MARN: 1281187

“Overall a good and interactive CPD workshop.” – Taranjeet Kaur; MARN: 1462755

“It was wonderful to hear Praveen share his experiences with us.” – Ravneet Chalana; MARN: 1462293

“Overall satisfactory, good participation and presentation.” – P. Harolin

“Praveen is an expert in the migration industry. The whole session is informative and is a wonderful experience. I will definitely attend the session next year.” – Haiyang Zhao; MARN: 1680608

“This CPD session was very good in terms of on-hand experiences from the migration agents present. It was really interactive and worth attending this CPD.” – Neha Singh; MARN: 0901444

“The CPD was very good and I am looking forward to attending more CPD workshops from McKkr’s in the future.” – Yik Kong Lo; MARN: 0957831

“Good CPD with lots of discussions which will be useful for applying at my practice.” – Agustina Selamat; MARN: 0742874

Comments from Sydney CPD RMAs – 10 March 2018

“This CPD was just about the best CPD session I have attended.” – Westly Russev; MARN: 031672

“Praveen is an exceptional presenter and the class was quite enjoyable.” – Samsak Patrodoon; MARN: 1570663

“I have learnt a lot. Very informative!” – Ching Pang

“The CPD course McKkr’s provided has been really helpful to me.” – Nan Cao

“Very helpful and extensive knowledge of the teacher/presenter was shared in a clear and concise manner. Presenters made sure that agents understood the critical points of each CPD area, while having questions and queries answered along the way.” – Sukhmani Khaira

“It exceeded my expectations.” – Ronnie He; MARN: 056356

“A good course from experienced presenters.” – Hang Qing Hu; MARN: 0641136

“The CPD programs provide real life cases which are very helpful.” – Fenglei Shen; MARN: 1681069

“Very helpful. Good lecturers. I have learned a lot and will definitely attend next year.” – Jipmash Bhasas; MARN: 1574478

“Good program and presentations.” – Jing Jennifer Gin; MARN: 02142822

“I must say, I find the structure of delivering the CPD knowledge very satisfying. I learned a lot and must thank the wonderful presenters. Thank you.” – Khurram Shahaz

“Very good.” – John Power; MARN: 0006086

“Knowledgeable presentations with plenty interaction.” – Shu Wu; MARN: 000102

“The sessions were well structured and informative and encouraged active participation.” – Sathya Gnanakaran; MARN: 0742812

“It was a good and engaging CPD.” – Timothy Chan; MARN: 0742812

“Superb knowledge and expertise from the presenters are shared throughout this CPD workshop. Excellent delivery, very engaging and never a dull moment.” – Lifei Wang; MARN: 0743228

“I have gained a lot of knowledge through these CPD activities. I will attend it every year!” – Yan Jin; MARN: 0106325

“It was a well-prepared class. I have learned a lot from it.” – Songtao Lu; MARN: 0430155

Comments from Sydney CPD RMAs – 9 March 2018

“I found the day to be very useful in terms of learning how the types of different visas work, both in practice and generally.” - William Chan

“Praveen used a lot of case studies in the workshop which has helped my understanding. I will continue to choose McKkr’s for following CPD workshops.” – Houdong Lul; MARN: 1687963

“The best thing of McKkr’s CPD workshops is that we can discuss practical cases in the program.” – Rajesm Shrestha; MARN: 0142928

“Very useful information with the very best practitioners.” – Jai K; MARN: 0850935

“The case studies were very practical and useful.” – Peng Suh; MARN: 0322196

“The presenter has delivered information in a very clear manner. Case studies are relevant and explained well. Contents are up to date with plenty of discussion.” – Qiuzhen Jiang; MARN: 168068

“I have always done CPD online in the past. This was my first CPD workshop, I think it is a lot better than the past year’s CPDs. McKkr’s CPD Workshop is useful for networking, sharing experiences and gaining new knowledge and perspective.” – Amrit Tewan

“The real life case experiences shared by Praveen are beyond valuable. I will definitely come again next year.” – Hao Huang; MARN: 1682759

“Clear, practical and well-structured.” – Beatrix P; MARN: 7792869

“Good content as was expected, but the real value was the knowledge and discussions facilitated by Praveen.” – Phill Ratcliff; MARN: 156811

“I am always more than happy to attend McKkr’s CPD Workshops which contains plenty of practical exercises and case studies to discuss openly and professionally. Really enjoyed this workshop! Thank you.” – Prem Parkash Singh; MARN: 0745855

“Very useful. The trainers are helpful.” – Mingqui Wu; MARN: 0801383

“Very helpful, great price and convenient.” – Young Cheng Mu; MARN: 0320398

“It was very refreshing and useful.” – Juliana S; MARN: 1571323

Comments from Sydney CPD RMAs – 17 November 2017

“The seminar was good. I learned more with an open mind from listening and being in the discussion with the group. The presentation is well done.” – Shu Li

“Interactive [workshops], based upon real case studies. Engaging participants during the sessions with the case studies provided. I really felt comfortable discussing my questions and doubts I had in relation to the 457 and 186 visa subclass.” – Pooja Kowshal

“This is very good CPD training. I learn much in the training. Thank you.” – Hai Wang

“Well prepared CPD program with lots of real case studies. I will for sure recommend it. ” - Zhokiqi Lio

“Useful and informative CPD with great examples of real-life cases that can easily be understood. Overall, an insightful and entertaining presentation.” – H. Khaury

“During the session, we have shared a lot of case study which enhanced my knowledge of certain visa classes. I am happy to suggest McKkr’s CPD sessions to other people.” – Jen Nyean Ngew

“Clear understanding of visa subclasses such as 457 and END. Good discussion on things which we haven’t experienced as part of our experiences as migration agents.” - Nizam

“Very informative & engaging. Focusing on a limited amount of topics helped to understand the depth of visa subclasses rather than touching many topics for superficial discussion.” – Mahesh Bhandai

Comments from Sydney CPD RMAs – 19 August 2017

"Praveen’s presentation of subject information and conducting of the workshop with superb case studies is excellent. It developed our abilities in problem solving, excellent services as always." -Chanips Buddhipals

"It is the most interactive CPD Workshop I have been to. The facilitator has provided the group with real life cases for our discussion and helps us to think of options for our clients, and how we can look beyond the normal everyday case and deal with problem cases as well as having the confidence to help our clients." - Jessica Nuguyen

"I have learnt 407 Training Visa to the detail. If not for the CPD workshop I would have not had the chance to look into the Visa, which could open up some opportunities for my clients in the future. Also, we learnt about new changes made of the 457 Visa in detail which could help us know and our clients." - Lulu Qian

"Good and interactive." - Yingliu

“I wish this CPD can be done in New Zeeland to save my trip to Australia. The workshop itself was excellent and I wish Immigration Advisers Authority can provide similar training to licensed immigration advisers in NZ.” - Alex Zhang

“Informative. Keep me up to date with the latest changes.” - Xiaoying Sun

“I have attended many CPD courses, I found this one is very informative and practical for me. The information is excellent. One point I want to make is the pre-arranged materials are very clear ad precise. Top of the Gun!” - Francis Wong

“Good CPD. Materials provided are well written and transparent. Would definitely recommend." - Tung Duy Nguyen

“Excellent CPD, very interesting class. This was my fist CPD as a migration agent.” - Swadesh Jaiswal

“A good interaction is an effective way to learn from other people’s experience, problems & insights. The atmosphere is relaxed as opposed to a crowded classroom." - Grace Lam

“Very Useful points were discussed. Good to learn new points." - Baldev Patel

“I enjoyed the presentation and gained some new insights." - Westly Russell

“Very good. Useful and helpful CPD activity. Especially case studies boast brainstorming and enhanced deep understanding and implementation of migration knowledge." - Junyan Hu

“I strongly recommend Mr. Praveen for the CPD courses, as he has in-depth & practical knowledge of migration law. I really liked his approach of case studies which helped me understand the concept of migration law." - Mujahed Hussan

“Overall an excellent day. The teaching was of very high standard and expressed in a way that was very easily understood. I have learned a lot today and the day also represented excellent value for the course fee." - Paul Foster

“I attended CPD on 19/08/2017. I have gained more knowledge and updated information on the topics." - Xiao Li Lou

“I learnt a about the topics. If not for the CPD course, I would not have the change to look into some the topics which could open some opportunities for my clients in the future. Also, we learnt about the changes which could help us know better and clear our confusions." - Lulu Qian

“Good and Informative." - Ying Liu

Comments from Melbourne CPD RMAs – 27 May 2017

“Very well organised day, full of extremely valuable discussion points surrounding current migration legislation and issues. Praveen is a great presenter, with lots of knowledge in the industry, and I learnt a great deal about various visas. Overall a great CPD!!! Will surely be back for more CPD days with McKkr’s." - Jagdeep Kaur

“I have learnt a lot about new issues. Particularly very impressed by can do and positive attitude from the presenter." - Lilian Liu

“I sincerely thank Praveen Goyal for sharing his expert knowledge and finding innovative solution to migration cases. His approach is positive and rewarding for fellow migration agents. Would definitely enrol again for future CPD’s. Thanks again."Sunil Sharma

“Good case study and Materials provided." Frankie Man Wai Yim

“I came today expecting it to be lethargic, sleepy and unproductive. But it turned out to be exactly the opposite. I could hardly take my ears off. I even resisted the temptation to go to the rest rooms, thinking I might miss something. Thoroughly enjoyed – Thank you!" - Majula Ranasinghe

“I really enjoyed the CPD presented by Praveen. He is knowledgeable in the area. He is indeed an expert. I believe I have obtained more than I expected from the CPD session.” - Tiantao Zhang

“Very professional, obtained a lot of useful information. Interacted much with fellow agents. A lot to read and use for my daily practice. Very useful." - Hee Kyoung Kim

“I have learned so much on the subject being discussed. The instruction was unassuming, down to earth and positive. I love the passion that Praveen has for education and I truly would want to learn more from him." - Eva O’Keefe

“Praveen is intelligent and very knowledgeable professional migration agent." - Irfan Ali

“Through this CPD today, I not only enhanced my knowledge on certain subclasses of visas and updated information but also I was exposed to some real application to the visa requirement and solutions." - David T Yang

“Good information and knowledge learnt today. Will definitely come back again next year." - Wai Fong Cheng

“Learnt much more from the seminar. Feel more confident to handle a few visa applications." - Shu Li

“Very Happy! The knowledge and experience of trainer was very helpful for improving migration practice." -  Lewis Liu

“Very good CPD. Have been attending with the same presenter for the last three years." - Raakesh Chopraa

“Excellent day. Really thankful for the interactive environment encouraged by the presenter and focusing on building a network for migration agents because that is the main factor of success in this industry. Problem solving techniques and their application to the real-life scenario applied well. Main feature was the discussion of real life examples that have come out of the presenter’s experience." - Rupesh Basnet

“The presenter presents his knowledge from the context of his complex experience with simple straightforward language and pace. This makes learning very interesting." - Jacob Idicula

“The most effective CPD attended in my 8 years of practice." - Suresh Wickramasinghe

“I like the idea of sharing your previous cases/experience with DIBP in the Class." - Ying Ying Wong

“Overall a good CPD activity. Applied case study to relevant visa." - Desmond Chow

“Great delivery of up to date industry knowledge." - Danny Mak

Very refreshing and unique prospective of the recent change in the policy. Knowledgeable presenter and welling to share best industry knowledge." - Cheng Jeff Zheng

“Praveen shared his knowledge and his real cases which were a bonus, and have learnt a lot for Praveen everything is possible." - Deepak Agarwal

“This is my second time with McKkr’s Good CPD." - Gamini Warshapperuma

“First class effort, I have never gained as much knowledge as today. Easy to understand." - Brain Trigg

Comments from Sydney CPD RMAs – 1 May 2017

“This CPD workshop course is very useful.” – Cheng Shz

“I would like to thank you for such an interesting & informative workshop. In particular I enjoyed the 457 & 407 parts of the presentation.” – Abdolvahab Baghbanian

“Overall, It was a learning session. I came to know about the Visa type sc407. It was an interactive session which cleared many complexities of sc457. It has motivated me to attend more training and discussions sessions.” – Nazia Aslam

“I learned a lot about 407 Visa. As it is new and complicated visa. The information was helpful for me to understand. Having said all these, 186 Visa was not properly explained as promised despite all 3 hours allocation.” – Hari Poichard

“The information can be used for future case.” – Jim Tent

“Very practical cases study and useful information.” – Yong Heng Zhang

“I’ve been attending this CPD seminars for the last few years and found interesting, interactive, and very professional! Thanks Praveen. You’ve done it again.” – Snezana

“It’s abstraction that you will never fall asleep.” – Ceclia Xian

“Very practical and full of useful information. The eight hours has just passed so quickly. I’d love to come back again for the McKkr’s training!” – Jun Hirose

“Session was comprehensive. Use of real case studies, very helpful to test our understanding on course materials. Friendly atmosphere which encouraged discussions. Time worth spend at the training session.” – Wengian Zhuang

“I was introduced by a college about McKkr’s CPD course and he told me it was quite practical and useful. It’s true. I feel the information provided through this CPD is very practical, and I like most about the case studies parts.” – Jun Zhang

“Praveen shared his extensive knowledge on the topics very generously. He also tried to make participants to think outside of the square when giving advice to their clients and explore the possibilities of their best knowledge. Well done.” – Homa Hazarti

“The CPD that I attended today was very useful and I enjoyed attending their CPD. The information was that was presented was relevant and the participants had the opportunity to discuss about the issues that they have had at the CPD.” – Mohammad Azimi

“Very informative sessions with real work scenarios which helped me to expand my knowledge.” – Rajesh Shrestha

“Praveen demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the various modules he was presenting.

  • Engaged class discussion
  • Open to dialogue with individuals
  • Willing to be informed himself
  • Non-threatening & relaxed learning environment
  • Engaging personality
  • Will definitely attend more CPDs by Praveen”

– Allan Hornery

“Checking of referred documents or email took some time which appeared that the mastery of the subject was not prepared.” – Rey Baracedros

“It is a great CPD day. I really enjoy and learn. If I can get some more learning materials that would be better. Thank you!” – Yong Chen Migration

Comments from Melbourne CPD RMAs – 25 March 2017

“The best part of the CPD was being able to learn first hand about the experience of the migration agents. Real case studies that remained anonymous made things more easier to understand” – Hamdi Koyu

“Praveen Goyal is a great presenter. Not only does he bring a wealth of academic knowledge to his courses but he gives practical examples of real cases which illuminate the topics discussed.” – Lesley Simons

“The CPD training is very helpful, particularly the case studies are the best. I will recommend my colleagues to attend it.” – Lindo Zhuang

“Good interaction with an experienced and knowledgeable presenter.” – Taranjeet Kaur

“An excellent CPD day with many new friends and new knowledge.” – Li Yuan Chen

“Very hands-on experience and knowledge were delivered during the CPD. Strongly recommend.” -  You Hai Huang

“Very practical knowledge, real cases, interactive.” – Xueying Lai

“Lots of information and quite practical. Examples and case study material is really fantastic. I learnt a lot from this CPD seminar.” – M. Jamburathan

“Praveen gave a few samples to discuss each session and some cases he met in the past. I really liked that told us how to solve problems he met, which is very helpful. Very practical CPD.” – Ping Zhao

“The presenter delivered very practical knowledge during the CPD. Case studies are really good and choose a very convenient location for public transport to reach.” – Huakun Zheng

“Thank you Praveen, your CPDs are always inspirational and charge me for 3 months. They are good value for money and constantly uplift my knowledge.” – M. Sekerin

Comments from Sydney CPD RMAs – 24 September 2016

"Very practical and focused on case studies and agent’s actual cases." – Derrick Pham

"As good as it gets." – Westly Russel

"Very informative and interesting." – John Power

"Informative and enlightening." – Xiaoying Sun

"It is very informative and useful and I will be here again next year. Thank you." – Can Hong Zhao

"Case studies are good and practical to me." – Zhiqiong Liang

"The interaction and discussion activities during the whole session was great. It was a good opportunity to learn from other colleagues working in the profession (not only from the presenter but also from other RMAs attending the training)." – Yu Yu

"Not only for the knowledge, but also for the business skills." – Ren Zhou

"The presenter is very professional and delivers his knowledge efficiently. I will do it next year." – Ruifang Cao

I have been in the migration industry for about 8 years and been through many CPDs, this is the best CPD I have ever attended. Contents and trainer are so interactive, we share knowledge, experiences and brainstorm together. This is a wonderful CPD lesson. – Julia Hu

"This was my first attendance in this CPD. I found it useful and interesting especially subclass 402. I have never done any 402 before. I will do attend again."  – Mohammad Sharif Amin

"Great work, helpful information, enjoyed the case studies." – Anonymous

"It is knowledge filled CPD, friendly and I learned a lot about migration law."-  Xiao Li Lou

"McKkr’s is the best CPD provider so far that I have attended with solid knowledge and interactive." – Muhammad Faisal Ahmed

"This CPD day is quite useful and detailed, especially subclass 402." – Anonymous

"It was my first CPD and it was a pleasure to be a part of it." – Donna Santos

"It is a much better learning experience to do things via case studies than coursework. That is very well done. The objective of trying to teach at a big picture level to make us better agents is well placed." – Kim Carnaffan

"This has been one of the best CPD of my career because there were a lot of interactions, questions and real case studies. McKkr’s do look after the interest of migration agents – a number of business opportunities were explained – oh and a 402 visa which I have never done before. Thank you." – Mohammed Kondeh

"My first time doing my CPD 10 points with McKkr’s simple and easy understanding. Migration agents here are very helpful exchanging their opinion. Thank you! I will do it again." – Shufang Chien

"It is good to do in one day if the 10th CPD can include us one day. Lunch is not important but pizza and coke included is fine. More examples should be better. If coordinate with space provider with sufficient AC should be much better." – David Lam

"Good, I now know Praveen for many years." – Damneet Ahluwalia

"Overall it was good." – Bimal Bhattarai

"Each time, when I join the McKkr’s CPD study I learn something new which I should have learned during my career as a migration agent." – Lei Wang

Comments from Brisbane CPD RMAs – 30 April 2016

“Positive and relevant” – Anabelle B. Havelock

“I had not knowledge about 402 visa until today when I attended CPD training on 402 visa. Thank you, Praveen I will choose you as one of my favourite CPD trainers.” – Fengfeng Zhang

“A very positive workshop experience. Focused yet relaxed atmosphere with excellent learning opportunity.’ – Steve Cooper

“The speaker is passionate in his delivery, and please keep having CPD workshops around Australia to share and spread your wealth of experience.” – Pei Yi Lim

“I really enjoy the case studies in this workshop. Those cases help me to think about my practice and also like the network sharing in the class.” – Yun Lin

“I like the workshop style, learn more thing and get very useful information, also learn from real cases.” – Piyawun Tunsuwan

“I will recommend this CPD to others as it is very interesting, informative and economic. The presenter is very generous to share his real cases and experience. He is very knowledgeable. I have learned more than expected.” – Chen Zhang

“Sharing of experience through case study is the practical way to gain experience.” – Joseph Ho

“Good down to earth practical training. Well done. Thanks.” – Karol Nowak

“Excellent work. Modules are designed in real life conditions. I will recommend everyone about McKkr’s CPD workshops.” – Anonymous

“The presenter clearly explained the issues and walked through details. Thanks.” – Chich-Yin Liu

“This has been the first CPD I have attended with McKkr’s but it certainly will not be my last. Initially I was sceptical on completing all the topics in a day; but Praveen’s excellent delivery kept me spell-bound for the entire duration of the training. I have no hesitation to recommend this CPD to my colleagues.” Lauriano Mendonca

Comments from Perth CPD RMAs – 21 November 2015

“Effective learning and discussion. Practical tips very useful.” - Carlos Moncada

“I have been attending CPD Courses for the last 15 years and this is the best one I ever attended!” – Albert Peng

“Informative entertaining.” - Elizabeth Vartanian

“The presenter was extremely knowledgeable and I feel that I benefited greatly from this CPD program.” – Sean Beazley

“Good presenter, excellent knowledge with a great sense of humour.” – Tiffany Simionato

“The material was presented by Peter in a very clear and easy to understand manner. Peter definitely showed a clear understanding of the material which helped me come to grips with all the details.” - Sameh Morris Iskander

“Workshop increased my knowledge and provided me with the opportunity to ask questions about my own cases.” – Bruce Macfarlane

“Thanks for the practical & procedural information. Enjoyable conference.” – Teresa Cardona

Comments from Melbourne CPD RMAs – 18 July 2015

"It’s good. It’s pretty good. It’s very good.” – Qiwei HE

“Praveen is genuinely interested in raising educational standards of migration agents. Praveen is a powerhouse of innovation” – Lesley Simons

“A sound learning of practical knowledge through this CPD from both the presenter and participants which was engaging” – Kathryn Teede

“Enjoyed A lot of useful samples for daily practice” – Clare Liu

“Lot of interaction among the group. Learnt A lot from the presenter’s practical experience. Presentation was easy to follow” – Mei Lin

“I really enjoyed the CPD. Praveen helps clear a lot of problems which otherwise I wouldn’t be able to handle in real case scenario. Looking forward to be part of the next CPD again” – Christopher Wong

“Very interesting and informative. Enjoyed the activities and group participation. Presenter is very knowledgeable and encourages participation by attendees” – Philip Lee

“The presentation is clear and lucid. It encompasses a comprehensive coverage on the visa subclasses discussed” – Chandra

“Extensive content. Well delivered with plenty of opportunities for discussions & learning” – Lauraine Roze

“Excellent session” – B. Singh

“The best CPD that have helped me a lot. I can really say that I have upgraded my knowledge and skills” – Neeraj Kapoor

“The case studies and facts presented were extremely interesting and challenging. The solutions explained by Praveen were absolutely lawful and exact. Fabulous CPD seminar. Learnt so much. Thank you!” – Ellen Brown

“Very well presented in the attempt to keep everyone communicating with each other. Small group discussions were very beneficial especially in case study scenarios” – Harry Skannavides

“I would recommend McKkr’s to RMAs for their CPD needs. Good discussions within the group and beneficial delivery of migration knowledge and case scenarios” – Brenda Brown

“The topics covered are quite informative and well prepared. Enjoyed the session!” – Nimalini

“Case studies are good to introduce in the course as it gives more practical experiences and enhance knowledge as well” – Ngoc Hao Wang

“Good experience of sharing knowledge” – Jinnan Shentu

“Good CPD” – Sheng Wang

“Keep up the good work. Enjoyed!” – Parvinder Kohli

"Good to meet the boss (Praveen Goyal), full of character, experience and knowledge. Best CPD for all migration agents. Well done, I’ll come back again. Big Thank you” – Valentine Aghajani

Comments from Perth CPD RMAs– 11 July 2015

“One of the best CPDs I have ever attended. Looking forward to sharing the knowledge and experience in the industry in future” – Song Fing Guang

It’s really good with lots of real world cases. I love the presenter’s explanation and topics during the course” – Nannan Llu

“It is one of the best CPD programmes I have attended. I look forward to coming to your training programme again in the years to come” – Gonghan Ye

“It was well paced and relaxing to keep me awake throughout the 12 hours” – C. K. Wong

“McKkr’s provide more practical CPD presentation and some real case studies” – John Moneta

“Thank you (Praveen Goyal, the Presenter) for today. You inspired me to do better in my business” – Mijung Park

“Excellent CPD presented that prompted good discussions with cases studies in areas where I am not very familiar” – Chrispian Chan

“Mr. Praveen Goyal has practical knowledge in all the visas he trained. Cases were well presented” – Venkateswara Rao

“Excellent materials, delivery and presenter’s knowledge” – Svetlana Lane

“This is a good CPD training I have participated in recent years and would like to recommend to my fellow RMAs” – Can Hong Zhao

“Best CPD I have attended – very relaxed and knowledge filled” – Duncan Ding

“Paper on visa subclass is excellent” – Beng Ong Yap

“Really good” – Rajesh Saharan

“Excellent! Very practical and clear explanations. I really enjoyed the whole day” – Hyo Sung Lee

“Presenter’s experience sharing was fantastic” – Richard Wong

“This is the first CPD I have attended so can’t compare with others, but I found it very informative and relevant. I enjoyed learning from other peoples’ experience and most of all the presenter’s experience. I enjoyed the case studies especially because they were real cases that the presenter has dealt with" – Hildah Nyemba

“Sparked interest by discussion” – Barry Pike

Comments from Sydney CPD RMAs (13 June 2015)

“Overall a good CPD. Attempted to deal in details with the visa sub-class discussed. Very practical” – Un Gee Hau

“Praveen backs his theory with actual samples and provides value-added discussions on real-life wins and refusals. I had my questions answered without having to ask aloud” – Bernei Albano

“Praveen delivered the CPD efficiently and effectively. Case studies were brainstorming and knowledgeable. ” –Moting Wang

“It is the first time that I attended McKkr’s course, which exceeded my expectations. I like the style of teaching and found it very practical and useful compared with the courses provided on the market. It is a very good one” – Judy Xu Hui Wu

“I learnt some things I did not know.” – David Coote

“Extremely well informed course” – Cam Ly

"I am very satisfied with this seminar” – Johnson Lu

“Praveen has good knowledge & grasp of the topics he covers” – Sukhwinder Singh

“Excellent CPD, thank you” - Mohammad Reza

“Very good, with useful real case studies” – Rachel Huang

“Good CPD with very sound knowledge of discussed visa subclasses” – Jinhui Ye

“Very good case studies” – Yu Sun

“I am very happy to experience today’s CPD course. It is serious and real. It is long but satisfying. It is better than other CPD presenters. Thank you Mr. Goyal” – Yongchuan Wu

“I like the presenter using and sharing his practical experience with us” – Po Ip

“I had a good time to refresh my migration knowledge” – Kei Keung

“Had a great CPD with Praveen Goyal who has a lot of knowledge and case studies for everyone. After finishing, we had a great experience. Thanks for his time” – Munish Soni

“Mr. Goyal has real life experience in migration work. I would like to have more interaction with Mr. Goyal to develop my skills and increase knowledge about migration work” – Siddique Panwala

“Time flew so fast. Excellent, efficient and finished with full knowledge” – Sheena Park

“Overall a good CPD experience. Case studies were helpful and generated good discussions” - anonymous

Comments from Melbourne CPD RMAs (23 May 2015)

“Overall it’s a very good CPD with a lot of practiced skills and experience” – Zhaojiang Lu

“Very practical information delivered! Case study materials are extremely useful” – Chzeng Wai Fong

“As a recently registered migration agent, this CPD provided a great opportunity to network with other migration agents and participate in discussions and group workshops. Visas were covered in details and was very interesting to hear real cases handled by the presenter and other paricpants” – Achint Kishore

“I liked the trainer explaining the visa application by sharing his own cases and experience of dealing with DIBP” – Ying Ying Wong

“Praveen is excellent and thorough while delivering the CPD. It is good that we are not doing a number of subclasses in one day. We are concentrating on two or three subclasses in one day” – Gulshan Sharma

“The best part of the CPD is that it’s full of practical experiences and cases” – Xiang Wang

“CPD content was good that covered almost all requirements of discussed visa subclasses. Case studies were real brain teasers and knowledgeable. Overall gave elaborate knowledge of the topics” – Mandeep S. Sidhu

“It is really good” – Yu Huang

“It is a very good CPD to enhance knowledge” – Sheree Xie

“Very good interaction in class (kept me awake). Case studies were great, which helped us solve real issues” – Kevin Zhuang

“Excellent! I will be happy recommending McKkr’s CPD to my colleagues” – Jeanette Lea

“I enjoyed the course, it was quite engaging and practical points were discussed, I found it overall very useful” – Mitra Pirouzgar

‘Lots of effort for presentations and delivery methods” – Michelle Gunaratne

“It was a good experience attending this CPD. Gained knowledge by solving client’s cases” – Anonymous

“One of the best CPD covering all the major points of s457, ENS and sc402” – Surinder Singh

“Praveen had an excellent understanding of all visas that were covered in CPD session. Will definitely attend future workshops” – Ian Walker

“Allowed participation by attendees, case study work was useful, overall very good presentation” – Deshani Naragale

“Overall a good presentation and well-paced.. Thanks Praveen” – Andrew Liu

“Presenter’s own experience is useful in explaining the legislation and practical problems in dealing with cases” – Zhieang Xiau

“The CPD was informative and interesting with a good opportunity to participate and contribute to discussions” – Danielle

“The CPD was informative, accurate and well presented. I would recommend any agent to attend McKkr’s CPD, as it was one of the best of my career” – Pina Careri

Comments from Adelaide CPD RMAs (16 May 2015):

“Great encourgament” – Arlena Lim

“Very good CPD session. Presenter was very good. Materail was good and presentation was good too” – Pankaj Dumra

“Learned a lot in one day - more than what I learned in previous CPDs from other providers. Presenter is detailed & highly knowledgeable on the topics” – Ethel Gwatking

“It gives me very practical information. Very helpful seminar. Thank you" – Kyung Jeon

“Good case studies with class interaction and useful material” – Sophy Nget

“Praveen is knowledgeable in his presentation, learned a lot from his case sharing. In addition, case studies create interaction and group learning” – Chee Yong

“An informative session with lots of real case studies” – Zhe Jin

“This CPD compared with other CPDs is very good. In-class discussions are very good as well” – Chonghua Jiang

“Interesting, and a good reminder of the need for innovative and lateral thinking” – Philips James Winter

“A very interesting day packed with practical case studies & useful resources for our profession. A good introduction to 402 for me which has given me confidence to pursue this visa” – Zarpana Babarkarkhil

“I learned more from this CPD. Now I have more knowledge to give advice to my clients” – Yiru Zhang

“Case studies make you use the theories presented earlier, which is the whole purpose of a CPD” – Robertus Breumelhof

“A down to earth and easy to understand presentation with active interaction by participants & good opportunity to gain knowledge” – Richard Glazbrook

“Interesting case studies - Important for understanding & interpreting legislation” – Alice Sun

‘The overall session is very informative. I have learned a lot of new things.” – Chetan Khanna

“Praveen Goyal is one of the smartest persons I have ever met in the migration industry - as a brilliant man with interactive mind and creative business thinking and good organisation skills” – Linda Cheng

“Enjoyed content, and presenter's experience” – Sergio Tonin

“Excellent material and support in areas covered” – Kostya Todorashko

“Nice to do a different CPD. Presenter had good in-depth knowledge” – Anonymous

“A very good workshop. Thank you! Hopefully, we see you again next year in Adelaide with other areas of migration law covered in the workshops” – Keyvan Pourhassan

“Very clear, well presented CPD. Very practical with many case studies to apply newly acquired knowledge and skills.” – Anonymous

“I have attended CPD courses as a migration agent since the year CPD became mandatory. I am extremely delighted to attend McKkr’s CPD, which is very different. I will look forward to attending another CPD session with McKkr’s” – Wong Wing Tai Michael

Comments from Sydney CPD RMAs (9 May 2015):

“The CPD session & topics discussed makes you think. The mode of delivery is the best & the knowledge of the Presenter is abundant. Unselfish sharing of experience & knowledge is inspiring. I believe I will learn and progress more in my knowledge and business with this type of CPD” – Rey Baraceros

“Good practical knowledge delivery” – Michael Chang

“The knowledge provided is deep and valuable. And the case studies are useful” – Jian Fang Shen

“Good CPD – useful and informative” – Terry Ginsberg

“The Presenter is very good” – Eric Luk

“Very good CPD, I want to attend next time. Thanks” – Qi Cheng

“Refreshing approach – relevant to all professional responsibilities and based on actual casework/laws” – Joseph Rodigari

“Great value for money and knowledge” – Alison Huynh

“Some of my uncertainties have been clarified in the class” – Hua Yu

“Good CPD course. Lots of practical experience that made us more confident in practicing” – Jay Hosor

“In my personal opinion, this CPD course is very practical and useful. The case studies are relevant and applicable to the reality. I appreciate the trainer and his time” – Dong Lin

“The case study is really useful for me” – Jin Teng

“Practice case study is very beneficial. Today’s lecture was great. Please do a case study each week on your website, which would be very helpful to all the migration agents” – En Suk kim

“Very interactive, look forward to attending another one” – Rajlachumanan Thevar

“Very good CPD course. Kept everyone busy” – Abdul Khaled

“Useful information that I did not have” – Yong Heng Zhang

“Very useful content, amazed with the knowledge of the teacher, will come again” – Bin Lu

“I have come to know McKkr’s recently and wanted to try out new CPD option. I am so happy with the interactive class. I have gained new perspectives. Thank you Praveen. I will come back in the future” – Mika Fukuta

“This is really an excellent CPD which is so practical. I always check my mobile (in previous CPD classes) but today I followed the Presenter and learned about new visa subclasses” – Yisliu

“I look forward to the next one” – Katherine Johnson

“I didn’t sleep for a minute during the course” – Neo Jian Chen

“Well presented, pragmatic solutions, real case studies” – Rajendra Uprety

Comments from Sydney CPD RMAs (18 April 2015):

“It is a great day for the profession. We worked hard and enjoyed the entire sessions. I learnt a lot throughout the day and got plenty of knowledge refreshed. Thanks a lot to Praveen.” – Frank Wu

“I enjoyed the CPD program. The trainer prepares materials and controls the pace effectively. Interaction is good. Contents are relevant and useful to migration practice. Will recommend.” – Patrick Lauger

“I like this CPD course as it is case study bassed which is more interesting & beneficial to me. The material is good & detailed for each course that I attended.” – Tzie Tseng Yueh

“Good interaction! Presentation of case studies were good. Overall worthwhile” – Dale Godkin

“I enjoyed learning from a confident and experienced presenter” – Kourosh Momeni

“I’ve learnt a new visa subclass which I will practice and use to help my clients in the future.” – Jenny Tew

“This CPD is understandable. Also, it focussed on very practical issues.” – Jae Hyoung Jeon

“Slow pace learning and presenter clarified all questions and confusions from students’ point of view. Clear tone of voice, easy to understand and friendly.” – Anh Tran

“Remarkable effort by McKkr’s. We are very happy with great learning environment. The best CPD I have ever attended ” – Asad Syed

“It is one of the best CPDs. The presenter has a very outstanding knowledge of the subject. The presenter genuinely wants every migration agent be knowledgeable.” – Md. Sirajul Haque

“Practical and useful” – Juncheng Sun

“I had my money’s worth.” – Westly Russell

“Most practical CPD I have attended in past few years.” – Yanfie Jiang

“Very informative!. I would come back next year.” – Sam Tse

“Good value for money! In depth study.” – Oliver Pang

“I have learnt a lot. I would recommend McKkr’s to my friends.” – Peng Sun

“Good interaction! Presenter encouraged discussions and experience sharing. Practical case studies.” – Anonymous

“I enjoyed the presentation. It is interactive and we did learn from actual case studies.” - Anonymous

Comments from Registered Migration Agents in Western Australia :

“I enjoyed it as it was not as formal and condensed as other CPDs. Met good people that provided good insight. Praveen seemed to have a wide range of knowledge that was helpful” – Domenico Calabro

“I must acknowledge that the course was very useful and it helped with some migration queries I had. Mr. Goyal’s knowledge was excellent. Overall the course exceeded my expectation and I feel that I have better understanding of the migration field. Very interesting and inspiring CPD course. Thank you Praveen. I so look forward to the next year's CPD points. Hopefully I will attend in Sydney or Melbourne” – Yona Zoga

“Able to gain better understanding of the materials provided” – Sherman Cheah

“One of the best CPDs I have attended. Very friendly atmosphere and the presenter is excellent” – Robert Lim

“Excellent, especially the case studies. It was practical” – Haruhiko Okazaki

“I like the tips that you provided” – Anonymous

“Interactive and pleasant CPD. Praveen is very approachable and I enjoyed the learning even though it was a long day” – Daphne Mary

“I enjoyed Praveen’s CPD. He is very knowledgeable and seems to be a good lateral thinker. All in all an interesting day” – Jeremy Hooper

“Learnt heaps”- Dharmindher Singh

“Well presented by a knowledgeable presenter who always provided examples that made you think outside the box. The material was well written and the interaction was good.” – Michelle Howells

“I like the material and presentation style." – Anonymous

“It was an interactive, interesting and knowledge based CPD seminar I have attended” – Mario Lucas

“Overall good CPD without pushing from one topic to another” – Kamal Methwani

“I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the CPD program and learning achieved. Strongly recommended” – Arthur Sean Beazley

“Case studies are very useful and relevant” – Kim Teh

“McKkr’s CPD are very interactive” – Kelvin Goh

“The real life cases discussed by the presenter were useful” – Anh Tran

“I have learned a lot” – Jianjun Liu

“Very interesting and engaging CPD. I have genuinely learned a lot and really appreciate Praveen’s input and experience sharing. Very valuable indeed” – Bilkiss Maudarbocus

Comments from Registered Migration Agents in Victoria:

“Informative, well presented, professional, good value. Would recommend to others” – Anonymous

“Lots of important information that I can use in everyday practice” – Vadim Safarian

“An interactive and knowledge enhancing session, the presenter brought up issues relevant to the topics that were discussed as we may see them in real life scenarios” – Taranjeet Kaur

“The CPD Day has been very thorough which summarised more on conceptual basis” – M. Khan

“I learnt a lot from today’s seminar. All the details are well explained” – Anonymous

“I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation” – Sonal Wahi

“The level of material + clarity of delivery was excellent” – Frank Costanzo

“The CPD workshop is very informative with lots of hands-on experiences. The knowledge delivered is useful too. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with all of us” – Mingkun Zhang

“Very knowledgeable presenter who draws wealth of knowledge from different fields. Useful materials backed up by good case studies. Very good presentation” – Shiva Neupane

"This CPD has opened my eyes to various visas, the challenges migration agents face, and the strategies that can be employed for good outcomes for our clients” – Janerose Okello

“Very practical and informative” – David Yang

“Knowledgeable” – Vei Jin Chin

“Good presenter. To the point discussions on topics. No nonsense. Good use of time” – Mohammed Nalmandi

“Enjoyed the CPD, very informative, which exceeded my expectations. Will definitely do again” – Chirs karamanolis

“Genuine attempt to impart knowledge” – S Maganty

Comments from Registered Migration Agents in Queensland:

"Got to work on more practical cases. The workshop is very educational." - Haichen Zheng

"Enjoyable interactive presentation which challenged each of us with real case problems and educated us through the process." - John William Fradgley

"The case studies discussed in the class were very practical and a way of sharing our experience. Throughout the workshop, there were active engagement with the participants." - Parmesh Chand

"I can recommend this CPD to anyone." - Femke Goossen

"Felt very comfortable from the beginning of the day. Excellent opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business. Excellent comprehensive case studies - very useful." - Reka Pungur

"Well done Praveen! You did good work." - Anonymous

"The case studies were the best." - Marcos Mateo

"Yes, I truly enjoyed today's session. Insightful, detailed and thorough! I will certainly look to do more CPDs with McKkr's. Thank you." - Dorith Elli Wulff

"Lots of case studies, good!." - Jiang Su

"Good opportunity to network with other RMAs." - Lisa De Leon

" It is simple and easy to learn with more understanding of the issues and how to deal with them. Fun and useful information. After training, I feel more confident." - Piyawun Tunsuwan

"It was beyond my expectations. Thank you." - Sina Sarkarati

"Brilliant experience today as I learned a lot from Praveen, the presenter. Your staff is also very efficient and friendly" - Tinghui Xin

"Practical, real life examples. Better than other CPDs I have attended." - Joanna Michalek

"Praveen has excellent knowledge in this field." - Carl Desacola

"It became progressively interesting throughout the day." - Mark Sekerin

"I frankly and honestly state that this CPD is quite different to other CPDs I have done. Pace, interaction and knowledge matched my expectations of learning." - Atef Hamie

"Use of case studies were a good learning strategy. Comprehensive materials provided." - Anonymous

"I found McKkr's CPD very practical with real life case studies that all Agents can learn from." - Cristian Aguirre

Comments from Registered Migration Agents in New South Wales:

"Interactive, useful CPD I have ever attended. Will surely come back next time." - Ka Kwok

"Very knowledgeable Presenter." - Marigold Suasin

"I really enjoyed the practical examples provided." - Casey O'Mahony

"Very useful CPD and I highly recommend to other RMAs to attend." - Jyoti Bharati

"Thinking outside the box and humbleness." - Roman Deauna

"When I applied for the course, I was doubtful but at the end of the course I am very happy and in fact I will rate it as the Best CPD I have ever attended." - Iraj Amirafshar

"Good interaction and good knowledge based on experience." - Tae Jun Gim

"I learned a lot from the Case Studies given and from the shared experiences of the Presenter." - Violeta Bada

"The Presenter is very knowledgeable, confident and well spoken." - Albert-Edris Truong

"Enjoyable and relevant practical content." - James Coelho

"Really informative and interactive. Great real life case studies." - Mary Murphy

"I flew from Singapore and it is excellent to get 10 CPD points in one day. Interesting presentation by the Presenter. Thank you. Keep it up." - Feilin Chan

"Praveen is very resourceful and experienced who gives most practical advice. I liked and enjoyed the class because he thinks out of the box. His tips on how to communicate with the case officers were very practical. The class was brilliant and I was 200% happy that I took this CPD! I think it was way more worth than what I paid for." - Sun Mi Hislop

"The material provided is very useful which includes intensive knowledge I really need." - Qiong Wang

"Mckkr's CPD workshop is the best one I have had in Employer Nomination Visas category." - YunFeng Du

"I see this CPD class as the one I wanted. Well done!" - Songtao Lu

"Great interactive environment and useful case studies - really exciting. I learned a lot of new ideas during the course." - Yan Jin

"Perfect." - Damon Aryan

"Interactive and friendly workshop." - Saeid Abedi

"I found it useful. It really helped to improve and enhance my knowledge. Really satisfied!" - Thien Pham

"I enjoyed the CPD. Very interactive and engaged CPD I have ever done. I will continue with McKkr's for my CPD requirements in future. Thanks Mr Praveen Goyal." - Syed Uddin

"I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere was relaxed and everyone was involved. The Presenter was informative, NOT arrogant, humble and very nice. He also understood and acknowledged common problems of migration agents." - Kathy Fatemeh Moradshahi

"Very impressed with the interactions." - C. Oliver

"It was interesting, quite involved, lots of information and learnt new things. Very informative and we all got lots of practical examples. I did like the Case Studies - they were interesting, challenging and good learning process." - Anonymous

More comments from Registered Migration Agents across Australia and Overseas:

"Great knowledge. Learnt a lot today. Very helpful seminar and approachable presenter. Thank you for the great seminar."

"Very helpful workshop as it discussed real life case studies and the presenter encouraged people to brainstorm together."

"The CPD provided the thorough information on visa sub-classes discussed."

"Loved the knowledge of the presenter! McKkr's training is very good to obtain knowledge."

"Genuine CPD discussions."

"Definitely one of the most interactive CPD since 2010. Many interactive and complex real life cases have been discussed. Number 1 choice for future CPD."

"Good CPD experience."

"CPD workshop was comprehensive. The presenter has excellent knowledge. Good interaction. The materials provided were well organised and concise. The presenter shared his experience in handling cases in a clear and meaningful manner. Recommend CPD to other migration agents."

"The presenter was very confident. I particularly liked the way he used real life cases. I learned a lot in a way that I will remember."

"Concise, brief and to the point."

"Very good."

"Best Presenter."

"Good and interesting presentation at a pace which keeps your interest alive throughout the day."

"Enjoyed the day and had a great opportunity to learn."

"I understand that you may not personally have time one day to teach us but please do not stop as we need someone of your level of expertise."

"I sleep a lot in CPDs but this is the only CPD where I did not fall asleep"

"McKkr's CPD has opened new avenues for my practice."

"McKkr's CPD session was useful and effective for RMAs and was also helpful to overcome difficult situations in dealing with DIBP and clients."

"Case study approach of McKkr's shows their commitment to help RMAs achieve positive outcomes for their clients. This is what we want from a good CPD."

"I'm so happy to be part of this CPD. McKkr's indeed opened up my knowledge in the field of work which may bring fortune to me. I never thought it would be possible for me. Thank you so much and I will definitely be attending your next CPD."

"Highly interactive session."

"Perhaps the best ever CPD."

"The only CPD I have attended where I did not fall asleep."

"Fantastic way to enhance skills and knowledge and thank you to the presenter for delivering it."

"Presentation was very engaging with real experience of the presenter."

“I stand to be corrected as I expected a run of the still boring CPD training experience”

“McKkr’s provide the best and practical CPD and I definitely recommend this to my fellow colleagues. They provide an opportunity to discuss contemporary issues and share experience and knowledge which is very informative and great asset for migration agents”

“Very friendly learning atmosphere"

“Very informative! Presentation was very clear. This not only strengthened my knowledge in migration law but also gave me a networking opportunities. I am very motivated indeed!”

“McKkr’s CPD program is more insightful, interactive and helpful than the other CPD providers”

“This CPD course is probably the most practical and helpful I have ever attended, and believe me that I have attended almost every CPD course available in the market.”