Professional Development (CPD and PRP)


Reporting CPD Points to OMARA

We endeavor to report all CPD Points to the OMARA within one working day of the completion of CPD Activities and PRP Course at NO EXTRA FEES.

Delivery Modes (CPD and PRP)

  • CPD Courses are delivered Australia-wide and overseas through the following modes for greater flexibility.
    1. Private Study - Distance Learning without Facilitator (with assessment)
    2. Workshops (no assessment)
    3. Online Workshops/ Webinars (no assessment)
  • The Practice Ready Program (PRP) is mandatory for new RMAs in the first year of their registration and is delivered face-to-face as an intensive course over 4 days (Monday to Thursday) Australia-wide. For PRP registration/booking fee may apply in addition to the price.


Photos from McKkr's PRP Courses

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Video Testimonials from McKkr's PRP Courses


As an approved CPD provider by the regulating body, the Office of MARA, McKkr's has trained thousands of Registered Migration Agents and Lawyers in Australia and abroad.

While 100% of McKkr's CPD participants have rated McKkr's CPD programs as the one that exceeded their expectations, around 25% of the participants rated them as the best of their career

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Certificate of commitment 

McKkr's offers all participants a Certificate of Participation for their commitment to Continuing Professional Development in the profession.

CPD Requirements for continuing RMAs

As per the requirements of the office of MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority), all Registered Migration Agents must complete 10 CPD Points every year for their re-registration in the profession and 5 of these CPD Points must be from Category A Activities (Workshops OR Tertiary Courses in Migration Law) under the new CPD Framework effective from 1st January 2018.

McKkr’s provides one of the most comprehensive and complete CPD Workshops, Webinars and Private Study courses for Registered Migration Agents Australia wide and overseas.

CPD Requirements for new RMAs  in their first year of registration

New RMAs in the 1st year of their registration are required to complete a 30-hour PRP (Practice Ready Program) Course for their re-registration in the profession.

McKkr's PRP Activities aim to enhance new RMAs' recently acquired knowledge and skills with a practical and interactive approach, addressing their readiness needs.


McKkr’s CPD Activities can also meet the professional development needs of law professionals that focus on addressing the four compulsory CPD fields: Substantive Law, Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Professional Skills, and Practice Management and Business Skills.

McKkr's CPD Activities may be relevant to the short-term or long-term needs of lawyers' professional development and practice of law.

Please refer to the CPD requirements for lawyers in different states and territories of Australia and how they can be met through McKkr's CPD Activities.

Learn to earn more!

We believe that CPD should not be a cost but an investment in the future of your practice.

More than just meeting an obligation to gain CPD points during the registration period, McKkr’s courses offer a true learning experience, with practical instructions to strategic case handling and management practices, solving real case studies, bringing relevant discussions and new ideas, covering compliance issues with a practical approach to solving cases and much more. Our CPD courses focus on achieving successful outcomes for the clients of Registered Migration Agents, helping them grow their migration practice.

Our PRP course will equip new RMAs with organisational, analytical and business management skills to successfully establish and manage an ongoing professional and compliant practice.

How to book for the CPD/ PRP

  • CPD
    • Select a delivery mode (Private Study or Workshops) from the CPD table below
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  • PRP
    • Choose the Location/Date from the table below
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Please refer to our Policies and Procedures before booking for CPD Activities/ PRP Course.


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