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This includes written material. You must also complete an assessment.

To be awarded CPD points, you must confirm you have completed the learning and assessment unassisted and have met the pass requirements. Each activity has an assessment task in the form of 25 multiple choice questions and you must get 75% marks to successfully complete each CPD activity. This means that you must answer 19 questions out of 25 correctly for a CPD activity to get 1 CPD point.

1 CPD Activity = 1 CPD point

CPD Price

$44 per activity; $175for 5 activities (5 CPD points)

Private Study 

Choose one mandatory activity from 4 mandatory activities = 1 CPD Point (You must also complete an assessment - 25 MCQ - you must answer 19 questions correctly)

  2. DN154 RSMS sc187 Visa
  3. DN155 sc189 Visa
  4. DN156 sc489 Visa
  5. DN157 sc485 Visa
  6. DN158 Child visa (subclass 101)
  7. DN159 Partner Visa
  8. DN160 Parent Visas
  9. DN161 Temporary activities (Subclass 408) Visa
  10. DN162 Child, Orphan Relative, Adoption and Dependent Child Visas
  11. DN163 Child visa (subclass 802)
  12. DN164 Child Visa Subclass 102 (Adoption)
  13. DN165 Section 501 The Character Provisions
  14. DN166 ENS sc186 Visa
  15. DN167 Understanding the Code of Conduct
  16. DN169 Business Management
  17. DN170 File Management
  18. DN171 Ethics and Professional Practice
  19. DN172 Accounts Management
  20. DN173 Dependent Child sc445 Visa
  21. DN174 Orphan Relative sc117 Visa
  22. DN175 Orphan Relative sc837 Visa
  23. DN176 Training Subclass 407 Visa
  24. DN232 Merits Review
  25. DN233 Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188)
  26. DN260 Subclass 482 Visa
  27. DN261 Subclass 400 Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa
  28. DN262 Subclass 403 Temporary Work (International Relations) Visa
  29. DN263 Subclass 500 Student Visa
  30. DN266 Skilling Australians Fund