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Meet our Leader

Chief Executive Officer:

Praveen Goyal



What McKkroos think of him

"Praveen is like a sponge, first absorb ideas from everyone and everything around him then squeezes them out into something practical." - Eden

"Entrepreneurial’; this one word describes Praveen to the T.  He is very confident in his work, supportive of his staff and an overall go-getter. As Praveen grows, so does McKkr’s and its staff." - Nicky

"In the most challenging time, the amount of understanding and support that I have received from Praveen is unsurmountable. I have worked in several countries for many people, but as a boss, no one can beat him!" - Ayesha

"Praveen is an entrepreneur who is ambitious, highly motivated, and has a drive for success. I believe his most prominent quality is that once he sets his eyes on the prize, he gets it." - Roain

"A great place to learn new skills and technologies , Supportive and friendly team and innovative Boss . This company sets a benchmark in customer service that other companies could learn a lot from." - Blessen

"Praveen always offers positive attitude, willingness to help and understanding. He always comments on failures and compliments performance to motivate and inspire others to excel." - Dijana

"I didn’t really believe in Confucius’ quote “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” until I started working at McKkr’s." - Bhavya

Praveen has a great understanding of migration practice and only provides advice with honest intentions for his clients” - Kei

The experience and knowledge Praveen has gained throughout his career, has made him a great source for advice and guidance” - Dorian

Praveen Goyal Photo


Meet Praveen Goyal, whose approach towards his employees is like running a family unit: promising to taking care of them and making sure they produce the best results.

His first impression might be of a quiet person, probably racking your nerves at the first meeting; but there’s more to this forthright, yet observant gentleman than this.

He believes in honesty, commitment and equal opportunity; and always encourages his employees towards professional development to identify their hidden potentials.

He is full of ideas and wants his employees to take them further to become a reality, by giving them full independence to own the projects they work on. This is why his employees never feel tied to a quintessential corporate environment, but instead, progress in one where their input is appreciated, acknowledged and valued.

Not only to McKkr’s but also his contributions to the industry have been enormous. As a founder, he has given the industry its first ever joint alliance to serve both migration and education professionals with over 2,000 members in less than a year.

Praveen envisioned positive contributions to the industry – a promise he has kept and is determined to continue keeping, despite opposition.

He has given the industry its first ever print magazine and the fastest growing weekly industry newsletter free of cost. He has launched industry’s first ever free mentorship programme to help new registered migration agents and has given members the opportunity to attend networking events and seminars free of cost. He also introduced a free online forum to bring together education agents and registered migration agents in and across Australia.

He has written several academic and professional development papers and is a popular CPD (continuing professional development) presenter having trained over 1000 registered migration agents in Australia and overseas.

It’s CEOs like him who see the growth of their companies in the growth of their employees. At McKkr’s, we call him McDaddy. After all why not? He cares for and looks after all of us as a Dad.

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