402 Visa – Occupational Training Program and Visa


Who is visa 402 for

  • International students in Australia
  • Visitors in Australia
  • Working holiday visa holders
  • Other temporary visa holders
  • People overseas who are in need of improving their occupational skills in an occupation

Requirements  for McKkr's sponsorship

  • You must have a workplace where you can work at least 30 hours per week on various job related tasks of your nominated occupation
  • You must have recently complete a course and have brief experience in the nominated occupation
    you have recently completed a course and have no experience in the nominated occupation. The length of the course should be minimum 12 months on the basis of full-time studies in that course
    you do not have related qualification in the nominated occupation but have 2-3 years of work experience in the nominated occupation
  • You have clearly verifiable work references
  • If you are in Australia, you need to provide us your visa history
  • If you are overseas and have visited Australia before, you need to provide us visa history of all your previous visits to Australia
  • You must not be in breech of any visa conditions of all Australian visas you have ever held if you are in Australia or have ever visited Australia
  • You agree to abide by all visa conditions imposed on your 402 visa
  • You agree to cooperate with us while in Australia on 402 visa under our sponsorship



What is next

If you think you are eligible for McKkr's sponsorship, feel free to

  • Fill in the form
  • Send us your Resume
  • Provide us workplace details in Australia

And, we will get back to you.

402 Visa under McKkr's sponsorship

The 402 Training and Research visa is for people who want to undertake:
  • Occupational training
  • Observe or take part in research
  • Participate in professional development program in Australia.

402 Visa under McKkr's sponsorship 

McKkr's is an approved sponsor of subclass 402 visa under Occupational Training stream and can consider sponsoring eligible candidates under McKkr's sponsorship.

402 Occupational Training Program stream

  • to enhance existing skills, or
  • to gain registration/ licensing

in an occupation in Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List

sc402 Occupational Trainee Stream is aimed for structured, workplace based training to help eligible clients to enhance their existing skills in an occupation. A wide range of clients including recent graduates, current students in Australia or overseas institutions, visitors and others may qualify for our sponsorship in the program.

Occupational Training Program is one of the three streams that falls under 402 Research and Training Visa (Subclass 402). The main purpose of this stream is to enhance existing occupational skills of the trainees. The program requires structured training to be provided focusing on the skills required in a particular occupation. Even though this visa is not classified as a work visa but still offers opportunities to gain work experience in Australia as the occupational training is conducted at the workplace performing various job task related to the nominated occupation.

What you need

For this visa to be granted, you must be sponsored by an approved sponsor and have a workplace where you can enhance your occupational skills.

McKkr's is an approved sponsor

McKkr's in an approved sponsor for subclass 402 visa by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and has sponsored hundreds of trainees in many occupations in different industries.

McKkr's is happy to consider eligible candidates under McKkr's sponsorship. What you need is an interested employer to have a  workplace where you can work in your occupation performing job tasks as per our training plan. As a training company, McKkr's will monitor and/or conduct training as per the training plan and you will be working at the nominated workplace to enhance your skills under McKkr's sponsorship. This means that you do not need to find a sponsor. All you need is to have an  interested employer. Once you have an interested employer, send us your CV/Resume  so that we can analyse your eligibility for this program under our sponsorship.

What you have to do

You only need to send us your CV and the contact details of the Australian business that is willing to provide you the workplace to work so that you can develop  your skills in the nominated occupation under our sponsorship. We will analyse your resume and give you feedback in regards to whether we can accept you under our sponsorship or not. If you have been accepted in the program,  we will proceed to the next stage.

The whole application process up to the stage of submitting your nomination and visa applications may take 2-3 weeks depending upon how quickly you supply the requested information. The visa processing time at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection is not in our control and as such we cannot estimate that. In our experience, it takes 4-6 months for an application to be finalised at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

McKkr’s will ensure that all candidates are well-placed in Australia in a company where they can develop and enhance skills in the nominated occupation.

Benefits of Occupational Training Program

How the program helps you

  • No age limit
  • No skill assessment required
  • No minimum qualification requirements
  • Minimum overall band score 5 in IELTS
  • No minimum salary requirements
  • Excellent training opportunities in Australia
  • Career Enhancement
  • Multiple entry in Australia during the validity of the visa
  • More future options
  • Can be renewed multiple times
  • Full time work
  • Trainees can have partner and children visiting Australia with them as dependents
  • Spouse/Partner can also work 40 hours per fortnight
  • Paid/upaid Australian work experience
  • Completion of Job Ready Program in Australia
  • Opportunity to work in Australia
  • Position inside well-structured organisations
  • Safe work environment under Australian OHS legislation
  • Consistent time-framed training plan with clear tasks and outcomes
  • Regular assessment by McKkr's of the progress of your training
  • Experienced trainers and assessors
  • Hands-on experience to enhance skills
  • Opportunity to improving your English language skills
  • Exposure to multicultural work environment in Australia
  • Australian work experience which can give you a career boost
  • Exposure to Australian work culture and ethics
  • Completion of Job Ready Program for skill assessment by TRA while on 402 visa