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Why it’s not too late to change careers and how to do it

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Life is too short to spend your days being unhappy at work.  Now before you start coming up with excuses about how you can’t just leave your job and start something new, read the next few paragraphs first. If you then still are not convinced that it’s not too late to change your career, then that’s the choice you make.

Why it’s not too late

Even if you think it might be too late to start from the beginning, it’s not always necessary to start from the beginning.

You most likely already possess skills that can be transferred to other professional fields. Look at your transferable skills and assess the gaps between your current skills and the skills required for your career change. For example skills such as administrative tasks or computer skills are easily transferable to industries such as marketing or even finance.

How to change careers

You have already gained skills: In Australia, you can even get the skills you have earned through work experience officially recognised through RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) which can help you tremendously in applying for jobs in a new occupational field.

You want a big change: If you feel like changing your field completely and you can’t seem to find good transferable skills, you can simply study an online course and get experience and qualification through that. The good thing about online studies is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home and while still working and getting paid in your “old” job.

You have some skills but want work experienceIf you already have some work experience in your desired new profession (either through qualification or simply because you had the opportunity to do some tasks of that new position in your current job), then you can do further training to enhance those skills.

Australia even has a special visa that offers you that opportunity no matter how old you are or where you are in your life right now. The Training Visa offers people the opportunity to enhance their skills through workplace-based (paid) training. To do this kind of training in Australia, your occupation needs to be on the list of eligible occupations for this visa type.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to start changing your life today and make the best out of it.