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Why there’s a need to communicate expectations to the employee

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We all want to work towards the success of the organisation but often, we fail to understand the route that we need to take to achieve the same. The Human Resources Manager plays a pivotal role in helping a new as well as an existing employee to understand what is expected of them in the organisation and about ways in which they can make themselves better.

Therefore, the employers and the HR manager, in particular must strive to communicate and make the employees clear about what is expected of them and how they can fulfil such expectations. It is also, extremely important that communication with employees is a two-way process where the employee is explained the expectations but is also given the freedom to express his opinion and suggest ways to meet these expectations.

A few benefits of effective communication of expectations to the employee are as follows:

Clarity of directions:

Communicating expectations lays down clear instructions and directions for the employee and the employee is able to understand the work that is required to be performed by him in the organisation. Employees do not end up wasting time in figuring out what they must do and what they must not.

Generation of new ideas:

When an employee is told about his role and what he is expected to do in the organisation, it enables him to understand his position and think of ways that would help him to make the maximum contribution to the organisation. It also helps the organisation to consider the ideas that are put forth by such employees.

A sound employer-employee relationship:

Effective communication is the key to success of any relationship and it also holds true in case of employers and employees. Communication of the expectations in a way that is easy to understand for the employee and working on ways to fulfil those expectations helps in maintaining the honesty and transparency between the employers and the employees.

The other side of the coin:

Communication of expectations between the employer and the employee also invites a feedback or an opinion from the employee and at times, it may prove to be a boon for the employer in certain decisions that he is required to take.