Monthly Archives: August 2015

Managing a diverse workforce and what the 457 visa means to hospitality employers

ME Connect’s Tanaya Das speaks to Steven Gargano, the general manager of multiple hospitality businesses in the heart of Sydney’s eclectic Surry Hills, about what it means to lead an increasingly diverse workforce and what the 457 Visa means to hospitality businesses.  As the European migrant crisis intensifies, we in Australia read the same headlines…
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Vocational Colleges involved in faking skills for foreign students

Sydney Morning Herald has reported international student colleges are allegedly taking cash kickbacks in return for helping overseas workers and students win Australian visas using fake qualifications. And a Fairfax Media investigation has revealed a college that had already been flagged by another government agency as being involved in education rorts was offered the opportunity to apply…
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IELTS vs. OET – Which test is best for nursing graduates?

The OET and IELTS test English language skills very differently. It is important to note that OET is not any easier than IELTS, but it requires a different knowledge of English. The OET tries to imitate the target workplace and was designed by both health professionals and language experts together. In comparison, IELTS was developed at Cambridge…
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