Monthly Archives: May 2014

Training Benchmark B – Companies trading less than 12 months

What’s Training Benchmark B? As per the Department of Immigration regulations, in order to be able to sponsor overseas workers, Australian companies have to commit to spending 1% of their total annual payroll in Training. This commitment lasts for as long as the sponsorship nomination is valid (usually three years). Who needs to be trained?…
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Finding That Right Person: Programs that Employers Should Know

If you are an employer in Australia, you may already know that finding a good employee for your workplace can be quite difficult. First of all, your job listings and advertisements may go unanswered. Maybe you are in a rural area, or work in a specific industry. For example, there is a shortage of local workers willing…
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The Art of Negotiation

Everyone is different. We have different interests, opinions and desires. Factors like ethics and personality contribute to this greatly. But very few would actually say no to the power to always (or I should say, maximise the chances to) get what you want. This is where the term ‘Negotiation’ comes in. When people hear the word ‘Negotiation,’ most…
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